Annemiek Wassink

Peerpoint made the move to a new company and new country a positive transition.

I’m a Dutch qualified lawyer who started out in private practice, before relocating to Singapore and starting my Peerpoint journey. Although pretty early on in my career, I knew I wanted to work in a high-pressured, highly intellectual and international environment where I’d be able to conquer my space. Peerpoint, with the backing of A&O, offered me exactly what I was looking for: challenging work, high profile clients and the opportunity to explore new areas of law.

They’ve been steps ahead of me all the way. From providing me with the building blocks to actually win my initial interview, to supporting me with my personal and professional development. The wealth of experience they offer ensures you can own every assignment, transaction, and project.

My time as a Peerpoint consultant included working with a French bank on a finance and global harmonisation project. Alongside the day-to-day legal work, I advised on transactions that span 15 different jurisdictions. As well as gaining more control over, and flexibility in my professional development, I was given more scope to think strategically; to be the person who goes in and gets the job done. Settling into a new role in a new country can be a big change, but Peerpoint made the transition feel almost effortless.

Annemiek was with Peerpoint from 2019 to 2021 and has now moved on to a permanent role.


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