Dominik Kleemann

"Peerpoint’s fantastic support structure makes it easy to trust in your choice."

I’m a corporate lawyer with expertise in emerging and developing markets, and I have a particular passion for working on sub-Saharan Africa based projects. In private practice I found it was hard to specialise before partnership level, and the deals you’re on usually depend on the needs of the business, rather than your specific interests. In contrast, as a legal consultant with Peerpoint, I have autonomy and flexibility and can be open and honest about my personal career ambitions.

I now have the opportunity to choose my assignments and retain my desired focus on emerging and developing markets transactions, whilst working for high calibre clients, with top notch teams. I can also balance my time between assignments, enabling me to pursue my own personal advisory work - finding opportunities for foreign investors in sub-Saharan Africa - and also taking time out to spend with my family.

I enjoy being able to take on placements within multinational companies but also support the A&O M&A practice in Dubai. I’m currently doing both! When I’m working with the A&O team I feel fully integrated in their team and not at all side-lined or out of the loop because I’m a legal consultant.

It can seem daunting to make the leap away from traditional employment but Peerpoint’s fantastic support structure makes it easy to trust in your choice. The platform matches you with opportunities that fit you perfectly and manages transitions to new assignments seamlessly. Becoming a legal consultant helps you appreciate the real value of your skills in the market, boosts your network, and gives you the flexibility to pursue a career path in your own mould.