Mingzhang Zeng

"The Peerpoint team has been incredibly supportive and understanding."

I’m an entrepreneur and a lawyer. Two roles I didn’t know could co-exist until I joined Peerpoint. I was a project finance associate at Allen & Overy when a business idea hit me. I co-founded a care tech company Apiari, building the future of work for under-represented care providers. While bootstrapping my start-up, I began advising Peerpoint clients part-time, and have thoroughly enjoyed it.

Peerpoint placed me with two renewable energy companies. I had front row seats with industry leaders working on decarbonization and climate change, issues that I care deeply about. I had a chance to work alongside incredible business leaders, learning how to build a great team and lead with compassion. I also learnt a tremendous amount from engineering and finance experts and grew my professional network outside of law.

The Peerpoint team has been incredibly supportive and understanding from the beginning. They are like mentors and colleagues in an otherwise independent role. After offering me the perfect matches, they helped me get settled in with each client team and move seamlessly from one role to another.

Peerpoint has empowered me to embark on business adventures while balancing my personal and professional priorities. Jumping off the traditional legal path can seem daunting, but it’s an exciting journey and, for me, the rewards are well worth it.

A&O Shearman was formed on 1 May 2024 by the combination of Shearman & Sterling LLP and Allen & Overy LLP and their respective affiliates (the legacy firms). This consultant profile may include reference to roles/assignments generated by one or more of the legacy firms rather than A&O Shearman.