Ruth Karfiol Glazer

"Peerpoint offers me the flexibility to enjoy the best of both worlds."

I’m a corporate lawyer based in New York and Connecticut and previously worked in international law firms, a global investment bank, and as General Counsel of a major corporation. I took a career break to start a family, and after my children left home, I decided I wanted to re-launch my legal career, whilst ensuring I still had time to pursue my personal interests.

Peerpoint offers me the flexibility to enjoy the best of both worlds. I work with a variety of top-tier clients on interim legal assignments that are challenging and enjoyable, but I’m also able to spend time with my family, travel, and enjoy my hobbies.

My first Peerpoint assignment was at an international bank, advising on commercial and innovation transactions. At first I was concerned that ‘everything must have changed’ since I’d been away, but I soon discovered my commercial transaction skills are still just as relevant. I was part of a team of highly intelligent and skilled lawyers who were laid back and enjoyable to work with, which helped to give me the extra boost of self-confidence that I could succeed in this new way of working.

Since then, it’s been a really positive experience being a senior team member on many of the assignments on which I’m now placed. I feel my varied experience enables me to provide quality legal advice beyond the basics, offering valuable insight for our clients.

Working as a legal consultant you have to be comfortable with some unpredictability and ensure you’ve planned accordingly for any gaps between assignments, but the Peerpoint support structure is excellent and helps you manage these transitions with ease. It’s worked really well for me and I’m looking forward to more opportunities to flex my skills and continue to grow my experience.

A&O Shearman was formed on 1 May 2024 by the combination of Shearman & Sterling LLP and Allen & Overy LLP and their respective affiliates (the legacy firms). This consultant profile may include reference to roles/assignments generated by one or more of the legacy firms rather than A&O Shearman.