Frequently asked questions.

Looking for interim legal talent can feel challenging. We’re here to take the pressure off. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions.

Frequently asked questions

What is an interim legal consultant?

Interim legal consultants are well-qualified, experienced and often self-employed lawyers who undertake contract work that enhances a legal function’s value and service offering.

What are the main benefits of flexible resourcing for in-house legal teams?

There are numerous benefits for legal teams in utilizing flexible resourcing. These include the ability to access extra capacity at multiple levels of seniority to handle large-scale legal matters without increasing the size of permanent teams, or providing specialist knowledge, expertise, and the skills needed temporarily to support transactions, regulatory projects, and disputes. Flexible resourcing can also help provide cover for extended absences, for instance lawyers on secondment, taking parental or caring leave, or it can help fill interim management roles following the departure of a general counsel or head of legal while the company recruits a replacement.

Does Peerpoint provide interim resourcing solutions on an on-demand basis?

We can provide resourcing solutions on an on-demand or ‘as needed’ basis and have worked with our clients to find solutions that are flexible in duration, working pattern and fee structure.

Where does Peerpoint operate from?

Based in six hub offices in London, Sydney, Hong Kong, Singapore, New York and Dubai, we work with clients across Europe and the Middle East, Asia Pacific and the United States.

What makes hiring a legal consultant through Peerpoint different?

At Peerpoint, we offer businesses access to a network of top-tier lawyers whose skills and expertise can help in-house legal teams to achieve their ambitious goals. Established since 2013, we have the full backing and support of A&O Shearman. When Allen & Overy first set up Peerpoint, it was the first magic circle law firm to provide this type of service. As a result, our systems and processes are more mature and robust than others in the industry, resulting in an enhanced customer experience.

These aren’t the only things that make Peerpoint different. Thanks to our sophisticated setup, our teams do much more than just fulfil our clients’ resourcing needs. Our dedicated client management team build long term relationships with clients, developing an understanding of their unique requirements and strategic priorities, in order to provide the best consultant match when a need arises.

How does Peerpoint recruit its legal consultants?

At Peerpoint, we only endorse the highest caliber lawyers that meet the A&O Shearman quality standards. Our panel of legal consultants currently comprises alumni from various magic circle and other top-tier firms. Before being endorsed, our consultants are carefully vetted and undergo a rigorous recruitment process consisting of background checks and technical interviews with members of the Peerpoint team as well as senior A&O Shearman lawyers. During this process, their motivation for consulting is tested as well as their technical skills and abilities. This ensures they will be able to deliver to the high standards we expect.

How does A&O Shearman support your legal consultants while on placement?

Our legal consultants’ technical knowledge is thoroughly tested during the recruitment process, but there are times when they might encounter legal issues they haven’t previously dealt with and would like to discuss them with a subject matter expert. In such cases, they’ll be able to contact sponsoring and technical partners at A&O Shearman for advice and guidance.

Additionally, Peerpoint consultants have full access to A&O Shearman’s resources and expertise while they are on placement, including know-how, seminars and training and events through the Peerpoint network. They are also covered by our professional indemnity insurance.

Can I access support from non-legal professionals via Peerpoint?

Beyond providing extra capacity and specialist legal skills, Peerpoint’s consultants offer broader commercial skills, in areas such as governance, risk, compliance, project management and legal operations and technology to in-house departments. They can facilitate and identify ways of increasing efficiencies and help accelerate the development of corporate legal operations, for example by connecting clients to A&O Shearman’s wider range of Advanced Delivery & Solutions services that combine resourcing solutions, process and technology with high-end legal expertise.

Other than legal skills, what other qualities does a Peerpoint consultant provide?

One of the most important cultural traits our consultants exhibit is their ability to adapt to any organization. Working on a succession of interim placements requires our consultants to fit in quickly with organizations and teams and adjust to different working arrangements, systems, processes and corporate politics. Peerpoint consultants have an ability to hit the ground running and work under pressure in different organizations and this is especially valuable in today’s unpredictable business environment.

What makes Peerpoint different to a recruitment agency?

One of our key differentiators is that we are part of the leading global law firm A&O Shearman. In order to join the Peerpoint panel, our consultants have to meet A&O Shearman’s very high standards. Our recruitment process involves technical interviews with senior A&O Shearman lawyers, often partners, as well as multiple interactions with the Peerpoint management team to ensure a ‘consultant mindset’ – displays of integrity, openness, transparency, ownership and adaptability.

Once a lawyer joins our panel, they are properly supported when they are on assignment with access to A&O Shearman’s partners, practice groups, knowledge and know-how resources, professional development opportunities as well as a number of other support services. For clients, this provides reassurance and confidence that their interim consultant will meet the standards and caliber of their external counsel and will have the associated ‘wrap-around’ support of a magic circle law firm.

How can my business engage with Peerpoint in light of the IR35 legislation in the UK?

In the UK, we’re set up to support you with legal consultants either through a Personal Services Company (PSC) or an employed fixed term contract (FTC) basis. Our employed FTC model has been operating successfully since 2020 and we can work with you in a way that best suits your needs.

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