Frequently asked questions.

Looking for interim legal talent can feel challenging. We’re here to take the pressure off. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions.

Frequently asked questions

What makes Peerpoint different?

At Peerpoint, we offer businesses access to a network of top-tier lawyers whose skills and expertise can help them achieve their ambitious goals. We’ve been established for over 6 years and have the full backing and support of A&O. A&O was the first magic circle law firm to provide this type of service and, as a result, our systems and processes are more mature and robust than any other in the industry.

But these aren’t the only things that make us stand out. Thanks to our sophisticated setup, our teams do much more than just fulfil our clients’ recruitment needs; they support their resourcing strategy, becoming a natural extension of their team. As such, we’ve fostered strong client relationships over the years and have been the safe pair of hands our clients need.

How does A&O support your consultants while they are on placement?

Although our consultants’ technical knowledge is thoroughly tested during the recruitment process, there are times when they might encounter legal issues they haven’t previously dealt with and would like to discuss with a subject matter expert. In such cases, they’ll be able to contact sponsoring and technical partners for advice. Additionally, our consultants have full access to A&O’s resources, including know-how, seminars and training and events through the Peerpoint network.

How does Peerpoint recruit its consultants?

We only endorse the highest calibre lawyers. Our panel of consultants currently comprises alumni from various magic circle and other top-tier firms. Before being endorsed, consultants undergo a rigorous recruitment process consisting of background checks and interviews with members of the Peerpoint team and A&O lawyers. During these conversations, their motivation for consulting is tested as well as their technical skills and abilities.

Can I access support from non-legal professionals via Peerpoint?

We are expanding the skills and experience of the Peerpoint panel beyond lawyers. In some locations, clients already access the support of financial markets, risk, compliance and tax professionals through Peerpoint. Please contact us to find out more.

We also team up with other A&O Advanced Delivery & Solutions businesses to deliver bespoke solutions for our clients. We do this by harnessing digital technology and alternative resourcing models to enhance cost efficiency, quality, speed, transparency and data-driven decision-making. The case study here demonstrates the effectiveness of this combined offering.

Is Peerpoint a separate business to A&O?

We are one of A&O’s Advanced Delivery & Solutions Businesses. Whilst Peerpoint is our brand name, you are contracting with A&O. Our integrated relationship with A&O allows us to offer Peerpoint consultants who have been endorsed by one or more A&O senior lawyers; have access to our internal know-how; expertise and professional support lawyers; have a partner sponsor and the support of our relationship team when on assignment; and are covered by our professional indemnity insurance.

Where do you operate and who do I contact to find out more about Peerpoint?

We have lawyers in Sydney, UK, Singapore and Hong Kong. Get in touch with of our team to find out more: Rachel Carter (Australia), Catriona Blamire (UK), Stephanie Szeto (Hong Kong), Roisin Kennedy (Singapore).