Our recruitment process.

Applying to join the Peerpoint panel will be your first experience of how we support you as a consultant.

Our recruitment process is a vital part of getting to know you and understanding your ambitions and skills.

It is thorough so that we can find the right clients and assignments for you, but also to enable you to decide if we are the right fit for you too. It involves five steps, which you’ll find detailed below.  

We will work with you to understand your timeframes and progress your application as swiftly as possible. We’ll only invite you to join us when we see a demand in your particular expertise – we want to be able to provide you with opportunities that suit your experience and skillset.

While we cannot guarantee work on the panel, we are fully invested in supporting you to achieve your goals, and of course, you may wish to find additional ways to secure work – we don’t ask that you work exclusively with us.

Your journey to the Peerpoint panel

We'll invest a substantial amount of time in getting to know you. Here's an outline of what you can expect.


Please upload your details and a copy of your CV by applying to one of our Peerpoint adverts that you can find via the link below. Upon receipt of your CV, one of our recruitment team may arrange a call to discuss your experience and interest in Peerpoint.

Peerpoint interview

This interview will be with two members of the Peerpoint team. It will be an opportunity to discuss your experience to date, what you are looking for from consulting, and to understand more about the Peerpoint proposition and what you can expect from being on the panel.

Partner interview

This will be with up to two A&O Shearman partners or senior lawyers who will interview you from a technical point of view based on your expertise and experience. This forms an integral part of the Peerpoint proposition – only candidates who have been endorsed by A&O Shearman can go forward in the process and join the panel. It also helps us to identify the most suitable roles for you.

Technical assessment

This is not required for all specialisms and, if required, will typically take place on the same day as the partner interview. It will usually be a written exercise or a verbal case study to determine your level of ability in line with what’s expected by A&O Shearman.

Personal referencing

For the last step in the process, you will be required to provide a minimum of two personal references for our recruitment team to contact. We speak to your personal references over the phone and once successfully taken, you will be approved onto the Peerpoint panel.

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