Legal consulting with Peerpoint.

We’re here for you. As you carve your own unique path, we’ll work side-by-side with you to define and achieve your goals. Connecting you with outstanding interim opportunities and forward-looking businesses – including A&O Shearman – we’ll help you grow your legal consultancy career. Understanding your needs and supporting you at every step, we set your aspirations for tomorrow in motion today.

A law career unmatched in quality, variety and opportunity.

A legal consultancy career with Peerpoint is unmatched in the market. Over the last decade, we’ve helped lead the transformation of legal consulting as a truly credible career path alongside private practice and in-house legal careers. We also have one of the most supportive offerings around, all with the full backing of A&O Shearman. Read on to find out what makes consulting with Peerpoint different.

Empowering your development

Legal consulting with Peerpoint means being part of A&O Shearman. You’ll be fully supported on your journey by our highly experienced team. Your professional growth is our priority and we embrace your ambition to drive your legal career forward. And with access to A&O Shearman’s training, development and networking events, including opportunities to grow your skillset with the firm’s Advanced Delivery & Solutions businesses, there’s a myriad ways to hone your skills and develop.

Discovering the best for you

With access to an extensive client base, we have the world’s leading businesses and most progressive roles at our fingertips. As a Peerpoint consultant you can be confident that we’ll find you an outstanding role – whether that’s with A&O Shearman or an external client – that’s the perfect fit. While you’re on assignment, you’ll have access to an A&O Shearman partner contact as well as knowledge lawyers and extensive knowledge resources.

Stay in control

Steer your legal career in whichever direction you choose. Whether you’re looking for more control, choice or variety, as a Peerpoint consultant you’ll have the pick of the best challenges from across a range of sectors. With an expanded skillset, you’ll boost the ways you can reach your goals – whether that’s continuing to build your ideal career as a legal consultant or landing your dream permanent role.

Find your balance

Your work. Your home. Your passion. It’s never been more important to find the right balance. That could mean more flexibility over the time you spend between your personal and professional life, whether that's to pursue a passion, spend time with family or take breaks between assignments to travel the world. As a legal consultant, you can continue progressing and developing as a top-tier lawyer, without putting the rest of your life on hold.

Grow your global experience

Work with legal teams from across the world. Consulting on international assignments gives you global exposure, without the need to relocate. If you have a right to work in one of the countries Peerpoint operates in, we can also help you get your consulting journey started in that region. Our established global network means you’ll always have access to A&O Shearman partners, law firm resources and unique international opportunities to enrich your career.

Futureproof your legal career

Through a personalized career plan, we’ll help you advance your legal career so you can move ahead with confidence. If you need career coaching or mentoring, our experienced consultant management team can offer guidance on the range of diverse paths to help you grow your experience and fulfil your career potential. By understanding your needs and supporting you at every step, we’ll help you succeed so you can flourish both today and tomorrow.

Inclusive outlooks

We are progressive and inclusive, encouraging new outlooks and thinking across the legal sector. At our heart is community and a culture of empowering others to succeed. As a Peerpoint consultant we value you for who you are. We have a powerful commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion and are determined to play our part in building a legal consultancy platform where progress is made by harnessing our differences and offering a wealth of opportunities for every one of our legal consultants to excel.

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Picture of Mingzhang Zeng

Mingzhang Zeng

Project finance and commercial lawyer

New York

Picture of Simona Spazzini

Simona Spazzini

M&A and capital markets lawyer


Picture of Claudie Tirefort

Claudie Tirefort

Private equity lawyer


Picture of Ryan Donnelly

Ryan Donnelly

Corporate and commercial lawyer


Picture of Anup Mehta

Anup Mehta

Banking lawyer


Picture of Caroline de Basto

Caroline de Basto

Banking and finance lawyer


Picture of Amrik Tumber

Amrik Tumber

Capital markets and debt finance lawyer


Picture of Tiffany Lee

Tiffany Lee

Litigation and financial regulation lawyer

Hong Kong

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