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Agile support for your business

High calibre legal expertise through unpredictable times.

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In this uniquely challenging environment, businesses are under pressure to increase their efficiencies while operating in unfamiliar ways. The ability to be impactful and agile can be challenging.

Since Peerpoint was established in 2013, we've been helping our clients deal with uncertainty and complexity. Our global panel of 300+ top-tier legal consultants is made up of lawyers who have the experience to add value well beyond an immediate legal gap.

Flexible solutions, tailored to your needs

From London to Sydney, Hong Kong to Singapore, Perth to Melbourne, we're here to support you. You may be experiencing:

  • Irregular workflows
  • Complex issues your team does not have expertise in
  • Permanent headcount freezes
  • Tightened budgets
  • A depleted workforce, or other sudden unforeseen issues

We can work with you to find solutions that are flexible in duration, working pattern and fee structure, ensuring you remain in control and have the right resources to manage your business effectively.

Resourceful and forward-thinking consultants

Our consultants have the experience and confidence to immerse themselves into new and often complex situations. Not only do they provide high-quality technical advice, they also offer a wealth of knowledge in relation to high performing virtual teams, managing motivation and workflows remotely, and dealing with change.

Additionally, the ongoing coaching and support we offer our panel ensures they have the right mind-set when it comes to dealing with complex transitions and periods of uncertainty. They are self-directed, proactive, and resilient.

Peerpoint consultants are also fully integrated with Allen & Overy, with access to the firm’s partners, professional support lawyers, know-how facilities and training and development resources, so you can be confident that they're fully supported.

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A high calibre Peerpoint consultant can provide peace of mind for you, knowing that whatever challenges you're facing, you're working with the best.

Catriona Blamire – London
Stephanie Szeto - Singapore and Hong Kong
Rachel Carter – Australia

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