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60 seconds with Claudie Tirefort on her ‘perfect match’

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We caught up with Claudie Tirefort for a quick chat about finding a ‘dream role’ through Peerpoint. Whilst supporting a global household name in their venture capital fund, she’s proved how legal consulting can help you grow your career in an exciting way on your own terms.

Tell us a bit about your current role and what attracted you to it?

I currently work as the in-house lawyer for the venture capital fund of a large multinational company. I’m a private equity lawyer, but have always had a passion for technology and start-ups, so was very keen to diversify my skills and break into venture capital.

When this role was proposed to me, it was truly the perfect match. The investment team was small and international, so I would work closely with everyone, have substantial responsibility, and would put to use my polyglot skills in a bilingual setting. At the same time, I also had great support from more senior lawyers and other divisions whenever I needed it.


Tell us how legal consulting enabled you to find such an interesting and exciting role?

Traditional roles often have stringent guidelines and seek people with very specific experience. That makes it difficult for individuals who have specialised in a particular domain to move into another area. Consulting on the other hand is more flexible – clients look much more broadly at you to assess whether you’d be capable of doing well in your role. Thanks to this, I was able to get into venture capital although my experience was in private equity.

What would you say to someone considering legal consulting as part of their career?

Legal consulting truly has many advantages. One of the most obvious advantages is the flexibility as you can find a role that allows you to pursue other activities as well. However, just as important is the opportunity to develop a wider skillset and to shape the direction of your growth and expertise. In other words, consulting allows you to adjust your career path as you see fit.

Lastly, I’d add that there’s great benefit from working with and learning from different people, as you take on various new roles.

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To learn more about becoming a Peerpoint legal consultant take a look here. Or to speak directly to one of our team, get in touch with: Nikki Pantges in Australia; Georgeanna Mok in Asia; Lucy Hamblin in the UK, Azara Digan in the UAE; and Amie Davidson in the U.S.