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Bringing business model innovation to a global law firm

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Carolyn Aldous, managing director of Peerpoint, talks to Robert Patterson of Parkins Lane Consulting and Paul Evans of Toro Digital about bringing business model innovation to a global law firm, in the first of their podcast series titled 'Professionally Challenged'.

Professionally Challenged has recently been launched in Australia as the insider’s guide to the changes currently happening in the legal industry. Hosted by Rob Patterson of Parkins Lane and Paul Evans of Toro Digital, they are interviewing the business leaders from law firms, legal groups, legal tech, NewLaw businesses and advisors to the industry.

This podcast with Carolyn is the first episode and during the podcast they discuss:

  • How Peerpoint came to be and how Allen & Overy encourages innovation 
  • Looking outside the industry to develop platform business models and managing supply with demand
  • New business models can help to enhance an offering, as opposed to replacing it
  • Leveraging a global brand and it’s resources to attract clients and talent
  • The technology revolution taking place in in-house legal teams

Listen to the full podcast here: https://bit.ly/2Ox2KYj