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Five minutes with Vanessa Prowse: Supporting Wall Street…from Australia

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Vanessa Prowse, an experienced investment banking lawyer based in Australia, tells us about how legal consulting has enabled her to continue working with top quality clients without compromising on the life that she wants to live.


Tell us a bit more about your journey into legal consulting.

I have always been an inner-city dweller living close to the office with a quick commute. I regularly thought if I didn’t work long hours in the city I would live by the beach. During the pandemic, I set up a home at a beach location. As city offices gradually re-opened, I made the shift more permanent and started legal consulting so I could spend more time living there. I currently work remotely for an investment bank on Wall Street in New York City while living by the beach in Australia.


What has surprised you most about legal consulting?

It should not be surprising, but at the same time it is surprising how open clients are to flexible working arrangements in a post-pandemic world. The other surprise is the wide range of opportunities Peerpoint has access to because of the depth of Allen & Overy’s relationships in the investment banking world. Given the structure of assignments, it’s easy to say “yes” to an assignment that’s attractive as a short-term option, but perhaps not viable as a longer-term option – legal consulting opens the door to a broader range of interesting assignments.


What skills have you developed/honed since becoming a legal consultant?

As a client put it so eloquently – plug and play! A valuable skill for a legal consultant is to be able to step in and fill a gap without a misstep. Working as a legal consultant hones this skill.


What has it been like working adjusted hours to support the U.S.?

Working on complex structured finance deals for a Wall Street investment bank while living in, what I regard to be, one of the most beautiful beach and hinterland regions of Australia is an incredible opportunity. I work Tuesday to Saturday and start early mornings to overlap with the New York business day. I am working as the sun rises and by breakfast time my work day is half over. It’s been great to have the Monday business day free.


What would you say to someone considering legal consulting as part of their career?

If flexibility is a priority, or there is an interest in diverse work experiences, legal consulting is a great option. Peerpoint has relationships with first-class clients with first-class assignments, and is very creative in matching legal consultants with clients. You never know what unique opportunity might arise.


What do you enjoy doing when you’re not being a legal consultant?

Being at the beach in any season. Taking the surf ski out on the ocean or on the river, beach walks, hiking in the hinterland and wandering around the local farmers’ markets. After many years working and travelling abroad, it’s great to be exploring Australia.


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