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Shaping a rewarding career through legal consulting: A global perspective (Video)

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On Wednesday 7th October we brought together seven Peerpoint consultants from around the globe for a virtual panel discussion on legal consulting careers.

The live event, hosted with In-House Community, heard our consultants share their own experiences and insights into career development, working as consultants on the Peerpoint panel and the markets they are currently located in and working within.

We were joined by Amrik Tumber (UK/Australia), Anaick Summers (Hong Kong), Annemiek Wassink (Singapore), Greg Kaye (Australia), Jane Huston (Singapore), Jennifer Yu (Hong Kong) and Sahar Kianfar (USA/UK) and the discussion highlighted the sheer diversity of backgrounds, technical expertise, work experience and placement opportunities that are brought by and available to Peerpoint consultants.

Amrik talked about how consulting allowed him to juggle his time working as a lawyer alongside developing a successful acting career and ultimately how having a balanced life supports good mental health. Anaick is a new joiner on our panel and shared her experience of being in a place in her life where consulting works with her lifestyle (she is the mother of two young daughters) and the importance of understanding personal financial flexibility. Sahar described how consulting allowed her to still be involved in high quality career-enhancing work whilst working from a different country.

You can view a recording of the event below.

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Learn more about becoming a Peerpoint consultant here. If you would like to know more about the event above, please contact Georgeanna Mok.