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Women In Law Hong Kong Agile and Flexible Working Report

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Flexible and agile working has become a conversation that all employees will likely come across or pursue during the course of their careers. The legal profession is no exception.

In North America, Europe and Australia, flexible and agile working have become commonplace offerings in the legal industry. By comparison, Hong Kong has seen little traction with flexible and agile working. In the Autumn of 2018, Women in Law Hong Kong (WILHK) launched a first-of-its-kind survey for Hong Kong’s legal industry, profiling the attitudes, biases, unspoken expectations and challenges to flexible and agile working. WILHK’s goal was to raise awareness and to drive change. Allen & Overy and Peerpoint contributed and supported the report and the findings were revealed in June 2019. 

One of the takeaways from the report was that alternative legal service providers (ALSPs) such as Peerpoint, are at the forefront of the flexible and agile working movement in Hong Kong’s legal profession. This is understandable when only 29% of Hong Kong headquartered organisations have flexible working policies compared with 75% of UK headquartered organisations in Hong Kong.

ALSPs offer a flexible career choice to lawyers who want more control over their time and greater variety in projects and clients. For more findings, you can find the full WILHK report here.

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