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Calendar icon Fri, 17th May 2019

Women in Law Summit, London

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Since 1990, women have represented more than 60% of new entrants into law, yet there is still a high attrition rate. This means female talent is not equally represented in the higher echelons - only 28% of partners are women.

Through a combination of inspiring keynotes, panel discussions on how to solve industry challenges, interactive workshops, and networking opportunities, the Women in Law Summit enables people and organisations to work towards both equality and equity by sharing and learning from one another.


Peerpoint will be hosting a session on the future of law:

When we talk about the Future of Law there are so many ways in which our industry is rapidly evolving. Does a rise in consulting and alternative working patterns change how women can achieve career success? How will technological advances disrupt the way we work? What skill sets will be most important for the future? Our panel will be bring together a range of expertise and thinking to discuss the opportunities and challenges we face.



Helen Libson, Global Community Manager at Peerpoint

Alexandra Gladwell, Senior Commercial Litigation Lawyer and Peerpoint Consultant


For more details and to buy tickets, go to https://www.womeninlawsummit.com/

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