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Experiencing the rewards of working in high growth companies

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Anaick Summers, a corporate, M&A and media lawyer, recently took on a Peerpoint legal consulting assignment at an international high growth company. We spoke to her about the unique experience of working in a new and fast-growing business, why she enjoys the environment and how to succeed in it.

When speaking about high growth companies, people tend to only think of tech companies. You have experienced consulting for a young media company. What did you find the most enjoyable about working in a business environment like that?

I thoroughly enjoy working with creative people who are willing to try something different and look for new ideas. Being part of a fast growing company means you can see these ideas unfold quite quickly, which is really exciting. I felt the team was constantly looking to improve, open to feedback and they encouraged a very collaborative and empowering work environment.

It’s really rewarding working in a new business to incorporate legal processes and procedures that are streamlined and relevant, as you can see ‘real time’ how they help colleagues operate efficiently, effectively and with confidence.

One of the pleasures of being in-house is the opportunity to work with all areas across the business. Being a supportive business partner, contributing to key projects and helping influence decisions for the long-term success of a business is important to me. In a newer business there is the added opportunity to create and shape the image and perception of the legal team as being open and approachable, not only working with the management but also being available to share skills and experience with more junior team members.

What are the main differences between working for an established large company and a new fast growing one?

Typically, in a larger organisation there may be strict policies and procedures in place, which means decision-making can take quite a long time. In a fast growing organisation, where managers are hands on and directly involved in the operations, decisions are usually made quickly.

In my experience, I have found a more open level of communication between management and employees, with regular ‘all-hands on’ meetings that provide updates on the key strategies and focus of the business for that particular month or quarter.  This includes sharing high-level overviews of the financial metrics impacting the company, which feels more transparent than large organisations. It’s very personal, after all every penny of savings and profit counts, which means the whole organisation celebrates the achievements of the team and individual members.

What do you think are the three most important skillsets to have to succeed in a fast paced environment?

  • Being proactive and taking initiative - the business is looking for the legal team to provide solutions and they expect you to stay up-to-date with the market and be across any risks that may impact the business.
  • Having the drive, ambition and curiosity to keep learning - being open to new ideas proposed by the business teams, being creative and willing to find new ways to do business. To say ‘that this is how it has always been done’ or ‘this is market practice’ is not the response these kind of businesses want to hear. They want to be different and are looking for innovative commercial solutions.
  • Being flexible and agile - during this assignment I was able to work remotely from home with team members based across Asia and even senior stakeholders in the US! Therefore, being flexible as to when you are available to the business and when you get the work done is really expected to be the norm.

Technology has enabled the communications and media industry to grow exponentially. What do you think will be the next market revolution in the industry in Asia, or globally?

I think we are in the middle of it already! The OTT (Over-The-Top) market has grown exponentially and consumers are getting so much more choices than ever before and this will only continue to grow globally. It will be interesting to see how the market continues to consolidate.

The Pay TV market is still strong, yet this is no longer the driving force for a growing business. Investment in high-quality content is imperative and in order to remain competitive, businesses will need to keep ahead with the digital future by experimenting with new ways of entertaining and reaching consumers and adopting new strategies and partnerships.

What or who inspires you outside of work?

The best job in the world is making our two girls laugh and giggle - it’s infectious. My husband inspires me for always being optimistic and building a successful strength and conditioning gym to inspire others to reach their peak performance. The women in my Lean In Circle for their different perspectives and challenging me to always be the best version of myself. Being part of a community that is passionate about obliterating the gender investing gap with Girls Just Wanna Have Funds (GJWHF$) and being a committee member and mentor with the Women In Law Hong Kong programme. Having a balanced lifestyle to enjoy hiking, strength training and learning tennis is also fundamental to how I keep energised.

Can you share how Peerpoint has influenced your career?

My legal consulting experience at Peerpoint has been instrumental in helping to shape my thinking when considering future career options. Working within a smaller organisation and collaborating closely with the business owners was a different dynamic to the large organisations I had worked at previously. Thanks to this assignment at a growing company, I know first-hand how my contributions make an impact and how I feel as an in-house lawyer in different environments.

At a time in my legal career when I needed flexibility along with an opportunity to review and plan my career options, my consulting experience has been extremely valuable. Being a legal consultant with Peerpoint offers so many benefits, I like the variety of quality work available with high calibre clients and being able to try my skill sets in different environments. The teams at Peerpoint are fantastic, extremely supportive, and everything they do really takes in your personal preferences and situation.

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