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Skills, Satisfaction and Success – what to think about if you’re running a legal function

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Peerpoint recently teamed up with Crafty Counsel to produce a video based on our key findings for legal teams from our Future for Legal Talent report. The report was based on the responses from over 1000 in-house, private practice and consultant lawyers who were surveyed on issues such as how they define success, career expectations, motivations and the legal industry's future.

Watch the full video to learn what those lawyers had to say about their future careers and how this impacts those running a legal function now and in the future. 

We cover issues such as:

  • how to develop and progress your people when you don’t have the capacity to keep promoting
  • thinking creatively about skills and training.
  • redefining what work/life balance means to your teams

Watch more videos online here.

Read the full Future for Legal Talent report here.

Or contact Helen Libson, co-author and star of the video on Helen.libson@allenovery.com.