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Brexit & Peerpoint

A unique career opportunity for capable and ambitious lawyers.

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How Brexit unfolds over the next two to three years will reshape the financial services industry and, with it, the legal talent market.

At Peerpoint, we have experienced first-hand growing demand for talented lawyers, and are placing consultants into Brexit-related roles.

Despite the uncertainties surrounding Brexit, institutions are beginning to take action. They are now recognising the importance of employing the best lawyers, not only to navigate the new, uncertain landscape but also to develop and secure the right leadership for the post-Brexit world. For lawyers, this is a unique chance to perform a career-defining role at the forefront of a major historic event.

It may be a move from private practice to a multi-disciplined team within a financial institution at the centre of the action. Perhaps it is an opportunity to make the transition from a transaction-based role into a change implementation role. Or as Brexit programmes draw in existing legal resources, it may open up an opportunity for more senior and responsible roles within certain specialisations.

With the backing of Allen & Overy, Peerpoint consultants benefit from access to assignments at some of the most prestigious financial institutions in the City, with the choice, control and challenges that they want; helping them achieve both their professional and personal ambitions. Brexit will bring a range of exciting options; and we believe that fortune will favour those who are prepared to make informed and deliberate choices.

Contact our recruitment team at info@peerpoint.com if you would like to talk to us in confidence about how Peerpoint can help you take advantage of the Brexit related opportunities we have. Or apply to join the UK panel here.

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