Derek Leung

"Joining Peerpoint has brought flexibility as well as the opportunity to gain new experience in a range of sectors and firms."

In 2020, I moved back to Hong Kong after a spell abroad and a short career break. Previously, I’d been working in-house in Abu Dhabi as a corporate and commercial lawyer, so I was a little removed from what was going on in the Hong Kong market. Peerpoint offered a great opportunity to transition back.

I was also drawn by the flexibility of the Peerpoint approach. Typically, a lawyer might spend months interviewing for a position before being offered the role and then finding out that it’s not a good match. But with Peerpoint, you can go on a placement and get a taste to see if it suits – on both sides – without needing to make any full-time commitment.

Peerpoint has been very interested in me as a person and in helping me find clients and projects that match the kind of work I want to do. The team is consistently helpful and supportive, and having the backing of a quality firm like Allen & Overy is also a good confidence booster as I start any new placement. I have a high degree of autonomy and responsibility, but there’s guidance from the partners whenever I need it.

The assignments I’ve worked on so far have been top-notch. Currently, I’m with a prestigious financial institution, working with great people I can learn from and who also value my advice.

I’d encourage other lawyers to consider consulting. I know our profession makes us risk-averse, but it’s worth being open-minded and taking the leap of faith. For me, it’s been a terrific opportunity to gain a wider breadth of skills, experience, and commercial insights, along with exposure to new sectors. I also have more flexibility without sacrificing quality work. It’s proved a great fit for me as I progress in my career.

A&O Shearman was formed on 1 May 2024 by the combination of Shearman & Sterling LLP and Allen & Overy LLP and their respective affiliates (the legacy firms). This consultant profile may include reference to roles/assignments generated by one or more of the legacy firms rather than A&O Shearman.