Tim Coldman

“Consultancy has given me the freedom for downtime between assignments to pursue personal interests.”

With a background in capital markets and cash equities law, I joined Peerpoint while in Hong Kong, and shortly after began my first assignment working in-house for an international financial institution, based in Sydney. I accumulated experience in the UK, Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong and with Peerpoint, Australia. Consulting through Peerpoint enabled me to continue my passion for living and working in new countries. At a senior level in my career, I felt it important to realign my work-life balance and consulting gave me the freedom to take downtime between assignments to pursue personal interests, be that family, sport, travel or business ventures.

There is great value in gaining experience across a range of firms, taking up different opportunities, having exposure to a variety of people and work environments, and developing new skills. Having the A&O brand behind me is a major plus and being an A&O alumnus made Peerpoint a natural fit, yet its support – the induction training, access to the A&O research library and having the support of the A&O Partners to call upon – is what made Peerpoint stand out for me.

During my time as a consultant, I was described as ‘living the dream’. I was part of a magic circle law firm with access to top-rate assignments. I had the opportunity to travel, an A&O email address and a great social calendar. Yet crucially I retained control over my career, giving me the time and space for other opportunities alongside my career in law. And that’s quite a gratifying place to be.

My last Peerpoint assignment was in an area in which I had no direct experience but Stephanie at Peerpoint convinced both me and the employer that I would be a good fit and was up to the challenge of handling a new product. Rather unexpectedly, therefore, I found that consulting introduced me to a new specialism which now interests me and so, to my great surprise, I agreed to take the role on a permanent basis at the end of the assignment. Importantly also, the role provides a good work-life balance and so whilst I am challenged at work, I also have time to pursue my other interests. Therefore, consulting gave me the opportunity to try another specialism and work environment which ensured that my aspirations were met before I committed to a permanent role.

I have kept in touch with Peerpoint since taking on the permanent role and have spoken of my experience as a panellist at one of their events. Whilst I am fortunate that Peerpoint secured permanent employment for me in a new and rewarding career, I am also mindful that I might at some point wish to return to consulting.

Tim Coldman was a Peerpoint consultant from 2017 to 2019. 

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