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Legal consulting offers fresh opportunities at an earlier point in your career

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What if your legal career allowed you to have more autonomy, agility and the opportunity to accomplish the best in both your professional and personal life? 

Legal consulting with Peerpoint has opened up a whole new world of possibilities for forward-thinking lawyers at an earlier stage in their working life.

The ability to advance your career and diversify your experience at a faster pace. The freedom to gain more variety and exposure. The opportunity to work with the best companies in a variety of sectors, with diverse teams; develop new specialisms and experience distinct business structures. Conventional legal career paths are no longer the only route to success.

As a legal consultant, you are empowered to have more autonomy and control over your future with the flexibility to determine your own path: one that aligns with your career ambitions and lifestyle aspirations. Whether that’s pursuing a passion, a side-hustle or an enterprising project. Or even taking longer breaks between assignments to travel the world and fulfil a bucket list of experiences. With legal consulting, you really can live your very best life.

Consulting with Peerpoint means you are fully supported in your journey by our highly experienced and specialist team, as well as having access to A&O partners, resources and unique opportunities to enrich your career, enabling you to continue to develop, flourish and succeed.

If you have two to seven years' top-tier post-qualification experience in banking and finance; international capital markets; corporate; financial regulation, or two to five years’ post-qualification experience in arbitration or litigation and investigations - get in touch today.

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Peerpoint Consultant Profile - Anup Mehta

“I have a rule when it comes to my career: every six months I reassess my top priorities, write them down and commit to them.”

I have a rule when it comes to my career: every six months I reassess my top priorities, write them downand commit to them. At the start of my career, the focus was on salary and becoming a partner. Five years after qualifying, I began to look at my work-life balance – it’s no secret that the hours are long and hard in private practice.

That’s where Peerpoint came in. I read about someone on the panel who is an artist and uses Peerpoint to supplement his artistic work. It really struck a chord with me, so I joined. Now I have more time in the evenings, which has enabled me to re-visit my childhood dreams: boxing and stage acting. On top of that, I’ve co-founded a startup, turning an idea with friends into a business.

Peerpoint hasn’t just given me a better work-life balance, it’s given me job satisfaction too. The team works very hard to find assignments that match my own criteria to the point where, when I first joined, I received three offers. That’s what surprised me the most: many of their clients are actively looking for lawyers at an earlier stage in their career, like me.